Kimchi Natto is Palatable and Helps You Lose Weight

As you know, natto is a fermented soy food of Japanese origin. It is slimy in consistency and has a characteristic smell, and many people can’t eat it.

However, natto is packed with plenty of nutrients and can bring you various health benefits.

Therefore, if you don’t like natto but somehow can eat it, I recommend combining it with something tasty.

Among others, my recommendation is the spicy Korean pickle, kimchi.

Tasty Kimchi Natto Effective in Dieting

Kimchi Natto

As I wrote before, several foods go well with natto, making it taste good. Among those, my favorite is the combination with kimchi.

The reason why I recommend the food combo is that not only can kimchi make natto palatable and appetizing, but the pair is also effective in dieting.

How natto helps you lose weight 

Natto Beans

As listed below, natto promotes fat burning.

  • Soybean saponin in natto promotes the secretion of adiponectin, a protein hormone that burns fat.
  • Nattokinase, a component of natto, dissolves blood clots and prevents them from forming. It further prevents waste products from accumulating within the body, increasing the metabolism.

Kimchi natto works excellent as a fat burner

Kimchi Natto or Natto Kimchi

Kimchi is similar to natto in that it is also healthy fermented food.

Kimchi contains lots of capsaicin, an active component of chili pepper, which promotes fat burning.

In a nutshell, kimchi not only can make natto tasty, but the combination, kimchi natto works excellent as a fat burner. 


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