Chukaman: Types of Japanese Winter Steamed Buns

Annually, from around September through the winter, Chinese-style steamed buns called Chukaman (中華まん) are sold at each convenience store chain in Japan. 

Those buns are heated and kept hot in a food warmer showcase set next to the checkout counter.

The dough of Chukaman is typically made from wheat flour, sugar, yeast, and baking powder and leavened with a savory or sweet filling. 

Since each Japanese convenience store chain develops and sells its own Chukaman with various unique fillings, it’s fun to try such new flavors.

4 Most Common Chukaman Varieties

Chukaman was transmitted from China about 100 years ago and has been widely enjoyed now in Japan.

As mentioned above, nowadays, Chukaman is available in various varieties, but there are four common types seen so often, about which I will talk this time

By the way, the word Man (まん) included in the name of each type of Chukaman is the abbreviation of Manju (饅頭).

Nikuman (肉まん) or Butaman (豚まん)

Nikuman or Butaman

First off, Nikuman is a type of Chukaman referred to as a steamed pork bun in English-speaking countries. In its name, Niku (肉) means meat in Japanese, by the way.

The filling of Nikuman generally consists of ground pork and finely chopped vegetables, such as onion, bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushroom.

In western Japan, Nikuman is called Butaman because the Japanese word meaning meat, Niku (肉), usually refers to beef in that area. In its name, Buta (豚) is the specific Japanese word for pig.

Anman (あんまん)


As the word An (あん/餡) here refers to Anko (餡子) or sweet red bean paste, An-man is a type of Chukaman filled with Anko paste.

While Anman sold at convenience stores in East Japan typically has a filling of smooth Anko paste mixed with black sesame seed jam, the stores in West Japan usually carry Anman with a filling of chunky Anko paste.

Curryman (カレーまん)


As you can easily guess from the name and color, Curryman is a type of Chukaman filled with curry-flavored ground pork. 

The wheat flour dough of Curryman is typically colored with turmeric or food coloring, which makes this Chukaman more like curry and appetizing.

Pizzaman (ピザまん)


Pizzaman is a Chukaman filled with bacon bits and melting cheese, prepared with a tart, fruity tomato sauce.

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