Myojo Bubuka: The Best Abura Soba Instant Noodle

When it comes to Japanese noodles, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably ramen, udon, or soba.

In addition to them, many Japanese ramen fans also love Abura Soba (油そば), a kind of soupless ramen.

In its name, Abura (油) means oil in Japanese, and Abura Soba consists of wheat noodles beneath which a liquid seasoning (made typically with sesame oil and soy sauce-based sauce) is placed.

Before eating Abura Soba, the eater, if desired, usually can add some vinegar and La-yu chili oil for extra flavor and needs to give the noodles a good stir.

Today in Japan, Abura Soba has become a popular noodle dish. So it is also available in instant noodles.

Myojo Bubuka Instant Abura Soba

Myojo Bubuka Abura Soba

Among such products, what I introduce here, Myojo Bubuka (明星 ぶぶか), has the top market share.

The instant noodle was created through a collaboration between Myojo (明星) and the ramen shop located in Kichijoji, Tokyo, known for Abura Soba, Bubuka (ぶぶか) (Google Maps).


The container comes with these four packets, whose contents are as follows. 

  • The clear transparent one contains dehydrated garnishes such as Char-siu roast pork, Menma bamboo shoots, and Naruto fish cakes.
  • The blue one contains a liquid seasoning.
  • The orange one has nori seaweed and green onion flakes.
  • The white one contains mayonnaise.


Myojo Bubuka Abura Soba instant noodles

I love this Abura Soba noodle simply because it tastes great. The soy sauce-based seasoning sauce is packed with plenty of umami, and the mayonnaise gives an extra delicious flavor to it.

The thick wheat noodles are also good with a three-layer structure and deliver a pleasant chew.


Myojo Bubuka Instant Abura Soba Ingredients

Next, let’s see the ingredients label on the side of the box.

Based on that, the seasoning sauce of this Abura Soba mainly consists of lard, mayonnaise, soy sauce, sugar, vegetable oil, pork and chicken extract, salt, flavoring oil, Char-sir extract, brewed vinegar, and spice.


Lastly, let me share the cooking instructions for those who want to try this instant noodle someday.

1 First, peel the lid about halfway and take all the packets out of the container.
2 Then, add the contents of the clear transparent packet (dehydrated garnishes).
3 Pour boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside the box.
4 Then, close the lid and let the noodles steep for 4 minutes.
5 4 minutes later, peel off the seal on the corner of the lid.
6 Drain the water inside entirely through the tiny holes.
7 Then, remove the lid and add in the liquid seasoning.
8 And mix all the ingredients well with chopsticks.
9 After that, sprinkle the nori and green onion flakes on the noodles.
10 Finally, dress the noodles with the mayonnaise sauce.
11 Now it is ready to eat! Enjoy the Bubuka Abura Soba noodles!


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