Gomoku Sushi vs Barazushi vs Chirashi Sushi : What is the difference?

The other day, I wrote an article on the difference between Kaisen Don and Chirashi Sushi. As for the latter, “Chirashi Sushi (ちらし寿司)” is literally translated into English as “Scattered Sushi” and comes in 2 types, that is, Tokyo (Kanto) -style one consisting of vinegared rice topped with various fresh raw fish slices and seafood, and the other made mixing and scattering seasoned ingredients, such as shiitake mushroom, kanpyo (dried gourd), carrot, and lotus root, in and on vinegared white rice, then sprinkling thinly shredded egg omelette and nori seaweed.

The Difference between Chirashi Sushi, Gomoku Sushi, and Barazushi

Chirashi SushiChirashi Sushi

The latter type of Chirashi Sushi is widely enjoyed in Japan and characterized by its scattered ingredients on rice. The ingredient varies depending on the region and the household. Chirashi Sushi is also known as “Gomoku Sushi (五目寿司)”, “Barazushi (ばら寿司)”, “Mazezushi (混ぜ寿司)”, or “Gomoku Chirashi (五目ちらし)”, and often eaten in celebrations like Hinamatsuri. This is true, but strictly, Gomoku Sushi and Barazushi are slightly different from Chirashi Sushi. Therefore today, I want to explain it. 

Gomoku Sushi (五目寿司)

Gomoku Sushi

Gomoku Sushi consists of vinegared rice mixed various ingredients. It is basically made mixing ingredients, such as small pieces of Shiitake mushrooms and vegetables, seafood like octopus and prawns, the Kanpyo gourds boiled down in soy-sauce-based soup stock, vinegared lotus roots, carrots, sliced chikuwa and kamaboko, in the rice. Compared to Gomoku Sushi, Chirashi Sushi is generally beautiful to the eye because it has ingredients scattered throughout on rice. Gomoku Sushi is also known as “Mazezushi (混ぜ寿司 : Mixed Sushi)” or “Barazushi (ばら寿司)”.

Barazushi (ばら寿司)

Kyoto Tango Region’s Barazushi

Image : Cookpad.com 

Actually, other than the Barazushi known as another name for Chirashi Sushi, there are several types of Barazushi in Japan. Among those, especially the Barazushi known as a local specialty food of the Tango region of Kyoto Prefecture and the one that Okayama Prefecture boasts are well-known. As for the Kyoto’s Barazushi, its most distinctive feature is the parched ground mackerel meat scattered on the vinegared rice. Generally speaking, Barazushi consists of vinegared rice mixed with ingredients, such as small pieces of seafood, shiitake mashrooms, and so on. Hence, the difference between Chirashi Sushi and Barazushi is whether the ingredients are scattered throughout on rice or not.

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