I tried Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Soupless Ramen

“Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto (蒙古タンメン中本)” is a popular Tokyo-based ramen restaurant chain specializing in spicy “Tanmen (タンメン)” noodle soup.

As you may already know, Japan’s largest instant noodles manufacturer Nissin has occasionally created instant ramen with the help of the spicy Tanmen specialty shop, most of which are sold in cups.

However, in June 2018, Nissin introduced a packaged frozen ramen that recreates the taste of Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto for the first time, which became a big hit and was difficult to obtain for a long time because of its tremendous popularity.

Luckily, today I was able to get the frozen ramen at a 7 Eleven convenience store near my workplace and tried it for the first time.

Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Packaged Frozen Soupless Ramen

Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Packaged Frozen Soupless Ramen

What I introduce here “Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Siru-Nashi Ma-Shin-Men (日清蒙古タンメン中本汁なし麻辛麺)” is shown above, which is a packaged frozen soupless ramen to be cooked by the microwave oven and is only available at Japan’s 7 Eleven.

When I opened the package and took out its contents, a frozen block of wheat flour noodles with garnishes appeared, which came with a black sachet of special seasoning oil containing Szechuan pepper.

Although the black sachet was pasted on the plastic packaging for the frozen soupless ramen, I removed it from there, because there was a cautionary note on the outer red packaging saying “Don’t heat the seasoning oil in the microwave oven”.


Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Packaged Frozen Soupless Ramen Ingredients

This Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto soupless ramen is topped with savory Mapo Tofu, the Sichuan-style stir-fried bean curd in a spicy-hot sauce whose main ingredients are tofu, Chinese chive, garlic, onion, green onion, ginger, miso, pork, and bamboo shoot.


On the back of the product package, there were cooking instructions for this frozen ramen, according to which I made this.


1 First, place the packaged frozen ramen on a plate
2 Microwave the pack at 600 watts for 6 and a half minutes or so
3 Take the pack out from the microwave oven. Then tear it open and transfer the noodles inside to the plate
4 Drizzle the contents of the black sachet (seasoning oil with Szechuan pepper) on the noodles as much as you like. If you add it all, the noodle dish becomes super spicy
5 Ready to eat. Enjoy the Shirunashi Mashinmen!


Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Soupless Ramen Noodles

I added half the contents of the black sachet. As the result, the noodles were pretty spicy to me but the heat didn’t linger on the tongue for a long time.

The Mapo Tofu had an addicting savory umami taste, and the flat chewy noodles were well-coated with the Sichuan Style sauce. The overall dish tasted so good and made me fully satisfied.


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