Mizore Dama : Crystal Sugar Coated Fruit Candy Balls

When it comes to the fruit candy that represents Japan, I think Sakuma Drops is fairly well recognized in many countries, because the fruit-flavored hard candy appears in the hit film of Studio Ghibli “Grave of the Fireflies”.

Sakuma Drops is a long-selling hard candy that went on the market in 1908, but even now the old-fashioned canned candy is still available at many supermarkets in Japan and widely loved by people of all generations.

Sakuma Drops, 75g

Actually in addition to Sakuma Drops, as another example, there is one more Japanese hard candy that pops into my head, which I actually bought for this blog article today, so here I will talk about it.

Matsuya Mizore Dama (マツヤ みぞれ玉)

Matsuya Mizore Dama

What I introduce this time is this Matsuya Mizore Dama. The Mizore Dama is a long-selling fruit-flavored hard candy produced and sold by Matsuya. “Mizore Dama (みぞれ玉)” literally means “Sleet Ball” in Japanese and in fact the hard candy looks kind of like sleet.

Mizore Dama Hard Candy Balls

The fruit candy ball comes in 4 flavors, strawberry, lemon, grape, and orange, and each is coated with crystal sugar particles as well as having a bright beautiful color.

Thanks to the coarse sugar powder coating, the Mizore Dama candy can be associated with sleet and gets an appealing appearance.

Since these fruit candies are quite big compared to other Japanese hard candies, there is no way I can put two or more Mizore Dama balls in the mouth.

Mizore Dama is more of a sugar candy than a fruit candy, because all the fruit flavors taste almost the same! a little bit tangy and gently sweet.


Matsuya Mizore Dama Ingredients

As a matter of fact, according to the ingredient list, the Mizore Dama candies are made with sugar, starch syrup, acidifier, flavors and colors, and contain no fruit juice.

Nevertheless, the coarse texture of crystal sugar particles on the surface and the bigness of the balls make many Japanese feel nostalgic and satisfied. In fact, in the national confectionery exhibition held in 1989, Matsuya Mizore Dama won the chairman’s award.

Where to buy Masuya Mizore Dama Hard Candy Ball

The Matsuya Mizore Dama hard candy is widely enjoyed in Japan and available at supermarkets around the country. Of course, the classic fruit candy can also be bought on online shopping sites like Amazon Japan.

Matsuya Mizore Dama


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