Japanese Pickled Cucumber Recipe using Shio Koji

“Shio Koji (塩麹)” is a lumpy seasoning made by fermenting and aging the mixture of malted rice and salt.

It became a topic of conversation several years ago in Japan and now the lumpy white paste is commonly used by Japanese home cooks.

Shio Koji

Actually, Shio Koji can be used in various ways, and just with the salted rice malt, you can easily make tasty pickles.

Pickled Cucumber Recipe using Shio Koji

When it comes to the Japanese pickle made with Shio Koji, the most common vegetable prepared for it is cucumber. 

Luckily now, I have the pickled cucumber in the refrigerator of my house, so this time let me share how it is made with Shio Koji. 


For this recipe, all you need to prepare are 2 fresh raw whole Japanese cucumbers and 2 tablespoons of Shio Koji. Now, here are the instructions with pictures.

1 First, cut the cucumbers into moderate-sized pieces. Then, put the pieces and Shio Koji paste together in a zip lock bag
2 Rub the paste over the entire surface of the cucumbers. Then, force air out of the bag and close it

Keep the zip lock bag in the refrigerator and let it rest for one day

4 After that, rinse Shio Koji from cucumbers
5 Cut the cucumbers into about 1 cm wide slices 
6 Cucumbers pickled in Shio Koji Arrange the pickled cucumbers on a plate and Enjoy!

The pickled cucumber has the right amount of salt and gets plenty of umami from Shio Koji. This recipe is quite simple, but the resultant cucumber pickles taste very good. 


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