Ajidouraku Furikake Rice Seasoning from Marumiya

“Furikake (ふりかけ)” is a Japanese condiment for plain rice consisting of dry mini flakes or granules made from ingredients such as meat, fish, seaweed, eggs, and sesame seeds. 

How to use it? Simply sprinkle the flakes over a warm bowl of white rice. That’s it!

Marumiya Noritame and Ajidouraku Furikake Rice Seasonings

With a long history, Furikake now has become one of the most loved rice seasonings in Japan where most supermarkets carry a large variety of it. 

As for the manufacturers, “Marumiya (丸美屋)” holds the largest market share, and its flagship product “Noritama (のりたま)” has been a long-time favorite.

In addition to Noritama Furikake, “Sukiyaki (すきやき)” and “Ajidouraku (味道楽)” flavors are also classics in Marumiya’s Furikake line and have a lot of fans. 

I introduced the Noritama and Sukiyaki Furikake before, so this time let me talk about the rest, Ajidouraku flavor.

Marumiya Ajidouraku Furikake

Marumiya Ajidouraku Furikake

In the series, Noritama Furikake was first introduced in 1960, and then Sukiyaki Furikake went on the market in 1963.

Ajidouraku Furikake was released in 1969, and this year (2019) marks the 50th anniversary of the product.

The main ingredient in Ajidouraku Furikake is “Katsuo-Bushi (かつお節)” or dried bonito flakes, and according to the logo, this Furikake is Japan’s No.1 bonito or skipjack tuna Furikake.

In addition to Katsuobushi flakes, this Furikake mainly consists of sweet egg bits, shredded nori (seaweed laver), and white sesame seeds. 

The flakes have a pleasant crunchy texture and savory taste that comes from bonito flakes and are brown in color compared to Noritama Furikake.

Marumiya Ajidouraku and Noritama are both good and old rice seasonings that have long been loved in Japan. So if you are a Furikake beginner, these are recommended as starters.


Marumiya Ajidouraku Furikake Ingredients

Lastly, according to the ingredient list, this Marumiya Ajidouraku Furikake consists of sesame seeds, dried bonito shavings, sugar, salt, hen’s egg, seasoned nori, soy sauce, palm oil, wheat flour, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), rapeseed oil, starch, extracts (bonito, yeast, chicken), processed soybeans, seaweed calcium, vegetable protein, soybean oil, sea lettuce, dairy products, margarine, smooth red bean paste, matcha green tea powder, green laver, chicken, egg yolk oil, chicken fat, high-fructose corn syrup, reduced sugar syrup, yeast, milk sugar, dextrin, and flavoring oil.


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