Ryu-Shanghai Kara-Miso Ramen Instant Noodle from Myojo

Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum (新横浜ラーメン博物館) is a food theme park located in Shin-Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, where visitors can enjoy noodle soups offered by popular ramen shops from various areas of Japan.

In the museum, there are seven ramen restaurants, and Ryu-Shanghai Honten (龍上海本店), whose head shop (Google Maps) is in the Akayu region of Yamagata Prefecture, is among them.

Myojo Ryu-Shanghai Honten Kara-Miso Ramen

Myojo Ryu-Shanghai Kara-Miso Ramen

Ryu-Shanghai Honten is a ramen shop highly regarded for its signature dish Kara-Miso Ramen (からみそラーメン: Spicy Miso Ramen), which features thick flat noodles, Niboshi-based tasty soup, and spicy miso paste placed on top as a finishing touch.

In Japan, a cup of instant ramen that recreates the signature noodle has been around since July 2018, and this time, I bought its instant bowl version from Myojo at a 7-Eleven convenience store.


The ramen bowl comes with these four packets, together with a dried wheat noodle block, and their contents are as follows.

  • The red packet contains dehydrated garnishes consisting of a slice of Char-siu roast pork, Menma bamboo shoots, Naruto fish cake, and chopped green onions.
  • The blue one has green nori seaweed powder.
  • The brown one contains Kara Miso (辛味噌) spicy miso paste.
  • The purple one contains soup base liquid.


The cooking of this ramen is somewhat complicated. As I made the instant noodle following the directions on the side of the bowl, I will share the process with photos.


1 First, peel the lid about halfway and take all the packets out of the bowl.
2 Then, put the contents of the red packet (dehydrated garnishes) into the bowl.
3 Pour boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside the cup.
4 Close the lid, place the brown and purple packets on top, and let the noodles steep for 5 minutes.
5 5 minutes later, remove the lid and add the contents of the purple packet (soup base liquid) into the container.
6 Give all the ingredients a good stir with chopsticks and loosen the noodles moderately.
7 Then, sprinkle the green nori seaweed powder over the noodle soup.
8 As a finishing touch, place the special Kara Miso paste on the noodles.
9 Now it’s ready to eat. Enjoy the Kara-Miso ramen!


Myojo Ryu-Shanghai Kara-Miso Ramen Instant Noodles

The broth wasn’t spicy at all, with a mild, umami-rich flavor, and I ate this miso ramen, dissolving the spicy miso topping little by little. The miso paste had an addicting, flavorful spiciness and was a great taste-changer. 

The noodles were thick compared to average instant noodles and had a soft, chewy texture. Overall, the ramen tasted pretty good and could make me satisfied.


Myojo Ryu-Shanghai Kara-Miso Ramen Instant Noodle Soup Ingredients

Last, let’s see the specific ingredients used in the Ryu-Shanghai Kara Miso Ramen.

Noodles (Wheat flour, Vegetable oil/fat, Salt, Starch, Soy dietary fiber, Flavor seasoning, Yeast extract, Sauce), Soup (Miso fermented soybean paste, Flavoring oil, Spice, Chicken extract, Fermented seasoning, Niboshi extract, Reduced starch syrup, Sugars, Salt, Dextrin), Garnishes (Char-siu roast pork, Menma bamboo shoots, Naruto fish cake, Green onion, Aosa sea lettuce), Modified starch, Alcohol, Seasoning (including Amino acid), Sorbitol, Calcium carbonate, Kansui alkaline water, Polysaccharide thickener, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Flavoring, Emulsifier, Glycerin, Gardenia pigment, Carotenoid pigment, Caramel pigment, Monascus color, Spice extract (Partially including Egg, Milk component, Wheat, Soybean, Chicken, Pork, Apple, and Gelatin)


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