Morinaga Choco Monaka Jumbo Ice Cream

As I wrote about it a while ago, “Monaka (最中)” is a traditional Japanese confection or a type of wagashi consisting of “Anko (餡子)” sweet Azuki red bean paste sandwiched in between 2 crisply baked rice wafers.

In modern times, Monaka is available in various fillings and is also filled with vanilla ice cream. The variety is called “Monaka Ice (モナカアイス)”, which is especially popular during the summer.

Monaka Ice actually comes in quite a few varieties, among which the one with the addition of a chocolate bar called “Choco Monaka (チョコモナカ)” has been a favorite of Japanese people over the past several decades.

Morinaga Choco Monaka Jumbo 

Morinaga Choco Monaka Jumbo

When people living in Japan hear Choco Monaka, many will probably bring to mind what I introduce here “Choco Monaka Jumbo (チョコモナカジャンボ)”.

First introduced by the name of Choco Monaka in 1972, Choco Monaka Jumbo is an ice cream product from Morinaga Confectionery and now has become a standard Monaka Ice in Japan.

Choco Monaka Jumbo Ice Cream

As its name indicates, the ice cream treat, Choco Monaka Jumbo is much bigger in size than traditional Monaka. 

But the rice wafer covering is just as crisp as the traditional one thanks to the chocolate oil coated inside the wafers, which prevents the vanilla ice cream from softening the snack.

Morinaga Choco Monaka Jumbo Ice Cream

Since the thin chocolate bar in the middle is also pleasantly crisp, the overall snack has a three-layer structure that is so good in both taste and texture.

Price and Where to Buy 

By the way, the suggested retail price of Morinaga Choco Monaka Jumbo is 140 yen (about 1.3 USD) and the Monaka Ice can be bought throughout the year at supermarkets and convenience stores around the country.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia チョコモナカジャンボ )


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