Monaka : 3 Types of the Japanese Rice Wafer Snacks

When you think of traditional Japanese sweets with sweet bean paste “Anko (餡子)”, what come to mind? As for me, the Japanese confections that pop into my head right away are Manju (饅頭), Daifuku (大福), Dorayaki (どら焼き), Yokan (羊羹), and Monaka (最中). As I wrote articles about the 4 traditional Japanese confections other than Monaka before, today let me talk about the last one, Monaka (最中).

Monaka : 3 Types of the Japanese Rice Wafer Snacks

Traditionally, Monaka (最中) ( is a Japanese sweet snack that consists of 2 crispy wafers made from glutinous rice with sweet Anko bean paste in between. However, today there are roughly 3 types of Monaka in Japan, so today I want to introduce each.

Monaka as a Traditional Japanese Sweet

The first type is the Monaka I wrote about above, in other words, it is the Monaka known as a traditional Japanese sweet. Other than Anko, various fillings, such as the combo of Anko and mochi rice cakes, and the combo of Anko and boiled chestnuts, are used for the traditional confection and sandwiched between 2 rice wafers.

Monaka as Ice Cream

The second type is the Monaka known as ice cream. This type of Monaka consists of 2 crispy rice wafers and ice cream, and the ice cream is filled in the 2 rice wafers. Speaking of the ice cream flavor, vanilla and matcha are the 2 most common flavors. Besides, some Monaka ice creams have a chocolate bar embedded in the center.

Monaka for Japanese Cuisine

The last type is the Monaka for Japanese cuisine. Monaka isn’t limited to sweet things. Monaka is rarely used for Japanese dishes. Generally, this type consists of 2 crispy rice wafers and ingredients for some dish. If I give a typical example of this type, Monaka Suimono is the quintessential one. If you are curious about Monaka Suimono, this article will help.


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