Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Shoyu Ramen Instant Noodle Soup

Yesterday, I picked up a good and old cup ramen at a “Welcia (ウェルシア)” drug store that I have not eaten for a long time.

I like shopping at Welcia because the drugstore chain carries a wide variety of instant noodles that can hardly be seen in any other store, and what I bought this time is among those in recent years.

Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Soy Sauce Flavor from Sanyo Shokuhin

Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Shoyu Instant Ramen

Actually, this time, I bought this “Cup Star (カップスター)” instant ramen, which is from Sanyo Shokuhin’s flagship instant noodle brand “Sapporo Ichiban (サッポロ一番)”. 

Introduced in January 1975, Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star is one of the cup ramens with the longest history, together with Nissin’s “Cup Noodle” known as the world’s first instant cup ramen, released in September 1971.

And this Shoyu (soy sauce-based) ramen is the original flavor of the Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star series, which I used to often eat in my childhood.


Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Shoyu Toppings

In the cup, there are a generous amount of toppings including bits of seasoned pork, eggs, shrimps, and finely chopped green onions, which are almost the same as Nissin Cup Noodle Shoyu Flavor.

By the way, unlike recent Japanese instant noodles, there is no flavor packet that comes with this cup.


The cooking is also the same as Nissin Cup Noodle; Peel back the lid about halfway, pour in boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside the cup, and let the noodles sit and cook for 3 minutes.


Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Instant Shoyu Ramen

Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Soy Sacue Instant Noodles

As you can see in the picture above, the garnishes have brilliant colors, look fresh, and in fact, these things are well seasoned and taste good.

The broth has a simple light soy sauce flavor which is reminiscent of Japan’s good old days, but the taste is somewhat different from Nissin Cup Noodle Shoyu.

Meanwhile, the noodles are soft chewy, contain chicken extract, and have a delicious flavor very close to Nissin Chicken Ramen.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Shoyu Ingredietns

Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Shoyu Nutrition Facts

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients and nutrition facts labels.

Based on that, the soup base of this Cup Star ramen consists of salt, seafood extract, sugars, vegetable powder, chicken extract, spices, soy sauce, pork extract, beef extract, protein hydrolyzate, yeast extract, dextrin, fermented seasoning, and vegetable oil.

And the calories per serving (72 grams) are 308 kcal and the ramen contains 5.2 g salt equivalents (Noodles and Toppings: 2.3 g, Broth: 2.9 g).


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