Kabaya Tough Gummy: 5 Flavors of Sour Springy Gummies

I love gummy candy, because in Japan with many varieties available, it is fun to try gummies with different textures and tastes.

In fact, convenience stores in Japan stock various unique, appealing gummy candies, typically in front of the checkout counter, so it is hard to decide what to choose.

When I went shopping at a 7 Eleven last time, I was in the mood for sour gummy candy, so from that genre, I chose one that was released several years ago but has already gained wide popularity. 

Kabaya Tough Gummy 

Kabaya Tough Gummy

What I picked up this time are these “Tough Gummy (タフグミ)” (Price: 180 yen/ about 1.7 USD) from Kabaya.

The treat is popular, especially for its addictive, springy texture. It is shaped like a cube, which enhances the resilience of the gummy candy.

Kabaya Tough Gummies

Another main characteristic of Kabaya Tough Gummy is the fine particle coating on the surface, which is pleasantly sour and gives you a refreshing sensation. What is more, the size is fairly big and satisfying.


Kabaya Tough Gummy Candy Ume Gummies

Kabaya Tough Gummy comes in 2 varieties, and this Tough Gummy “Ume (梅)” features Ume plum flavors. Ume is a sour plum native to East Asia, from which the Japanese pickle Umeboshi is made.

In the product, while the red gummy candy has moderate acidity and is packed full of the flavor of Ume, the green one is rather fruity and more on the sweet side.

Kabaya Tough Gummy Candy Cola Energy Drink Soda Gummies

The other item is made up of 3 flavors, “Cola”, “Energy Drink”, and “Soda”. To me, the cola flavor has a good old taste reminiscent of a classic Japanese cola, and so is the energy drink flavor.

The soda flavor is the sourest of these 3, but it’s very refreshing and tastes great.

Kabaya Tough Gummy Candy Flavors

Ingredients and Calories

Kabaya Tough Gummy Candy Ume Plum Flavor Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories

Kabaya Tough Gumny Candy Cola Energy Drink Soda Flavors Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories

Lastly, based on the ingredient lists, the main ingredients in Kabaya Tough Gummy are starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, vegetable oil, reduced palatinose, sorbitol, acidifier, polysaccharide thickener, flavoring, colors, amino acids, sweeteners, and glazing agent.

By the way, the calories per 100 grams are 318 kcal.


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