Otsuka Bon Curry: World’s First Ready-to-Eat Instant Meal

Since it has been a while since I last ate instant curry, when I went shopping at a supermarket last time, I thought I wanted to buy an instant curry pouch that is perfect for the blog article, and bought this one.

Otsuka Shokuhin Bon Curry Gold

Otsuka Shokuhin Bon Curry Gold

What I picked up this time is this instant curry from “Otsuka Shokuhin (大塚食品: Otsuka Foods)” called “Bon Curry (ボンカレー)”, which was first introduced in 1968 in Japan and is actually known as world’s first ready-to-eat instant meal.

Today, the mainstream in the Bon Curry line is the fruit based instant curry sauce “Bon Curry Gold (ボンカレーゴールド)” which went on the market in 1978 and comes in 4 levels of spiciness, “Oo-Kara (大辛: Very Spicy)”, “Kara-Kuchi (辛口: Spicy)”, “Chu-Kara (中辛: Medium Spicy)”, and “Ama-Kuchi (甘口: Mild Spicy)”.


At the time of the release of the original Bon Curry, one of its greatest selling points was that it only took 3 minutes for the instant curry pouch to be ready to eat by heating in a pot of water. 

Now, this Bon Curry Gold is ready to eat by microwaving at 500 W for only 1 minute and 40 seconds or at 600 W for 1 and a half minute or at 700 W for 1 minute 20 seconds, with the curry pouch in the package. 


Otsuka Shokuhin Bon Curry Gold Instant Curry

This curry is the Kara-Kuchi Bon Curry Gold, but it has a mild heat and is not that spicy, rather sweetish. It is an easy-to-eat, aromatic curry sauce featuring the spice cardamon with a unique scent that everyone comes to like.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Otsuka Shokuhin Bon Curry Gold Instant Curry Sauce Ingredients

Otsuka Shokuhin Bon Curry Gold Nutrition Facts

The Japanese instant curry, Bon Curry has never used preservatives since the time of the release in 1968. Based on the nutrition facts, the Bon Curry Gold instant curry sauce has 158 kcal per one serving (180 g) and contains 2.6 g salt equivalents.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia ボンカレー )


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