Glico Pretz: Classic Japanese Pretzel Stick Snack

Ezaki Glico is a leading Japanese food company especially well known for its snack foods, candies and sweets, and their long selling chocolate coated pretzel sticks “Pocky”, also known as “Mikado”, are widely enjoyed in many countries around the world.

Actually, Glico Pocky was developed by coating the existing pretzel stick snack “Pretz” with chocolate, and first introduced in Japan in 1966. 

Glico Pretz 

Glico Pretz Uma Salad Flavor

The pretzel stick snack known as the base of Pocky, Glico Pretz was first released in 1963 in Japan by the name of “Butter Pretz”, and now it has become a long time favorite of Japanese people.


Glico Pretz Umami Salad Flavor Pretzel Sticks

Glico Pretz comes in 5 flavors as of today (June 27, 2020), Crispy Pizza, Crispy Chicken, Ripe Tomato, Aromatic Roast, and this Umami Salad.

Glico Pretz Sticks

These pretzel sticks have a nice crunch just like Pocky, and as their name indicates, with one bite, the addicting umami taste from 10 kinds of vegetables and bouillon spreads in the mouth. They are lightly salted and really tasty.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Glico Pretz Uma Salad Flavor Ingredients

According to the ingredient list, the Glico Pretz Umami Salad pretzel stick snack mainly consists of wheat flour, vegetable fat and oil, shortening, sugar, dried potato, vegetable paste and bouillon, yeast, wheat protein, sake lees, salt, malt extract, dextrin, consommé seasoning, yeast extract, and pepper.

Glico Pretz Uma Salad Flavor Nutrition Facts

Based on the nutrition facts, the classic Japanese pretzel stick snack has 178 kcal per one pack (34.5g) and contains 0.60g salt equivalents.


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