Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki Instant Ramen from 7 Eleven

On August 10, 2020, 7 Eleven Japan started to sell the new version of a cup of instant ramen from Myojo’s “Meiten Kiko (銘店紀行)” line. The word “Meiten (銘店)” means famous or well-established shop in Japanese, so the cup ramen I bought this time is one that was created through a collaboration between the leading Japanese instant noodles manufacturer Myojo and a famous ramen shop in Japan.

Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki Instant Cup Ramen

Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki Ramen

The instant ramen from Myojo I introduce here is the one shown above called “Mochi Mochi no Ki (もちもちの木)”. Actually, Mochi Mochi no Ki is a popular Saitama-based ramen restaurant chain whose main shop (Google Map) is in the city of Shiraoka, Saitama Prefecture, and this cup ramen beautifully recreates the taste of its signature ramen.

“Mochi Mochi (もちもち)” is the Japanese onomatopoeic word for “chewy”, so the Mochi Mochi no Ki ramen is especially characterized by its noodles’ pleasantly chewy texture, while the word “Ki (木)” literally means tree in Japanese, but here it stands for Menma bamboo shoots that look like trees. The Menma used in the Mochi Mochi no Ki ramen is an expensive variety called “Hosaki Menma (穂先メンマ)” which is made only using the soft crisp tip part of bamboo shoots.


The dry ingredient is the Hosaki Menma packed together in a brick. The other garnishes mixed in with the dried noodle block and soup base powder are bits of Chashu pork and chopped green onions. As often seen in recent Japanese instant cup ramen, this Mochi Mochi no Ki instant ramen also has an accompanying special flavor oil sachet on the lid, which is added just before you eat the ramen. 


Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki Instant Ramen

Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki Instant Ramen with Hosaki Menma

The broth is a Shoyu (soy sauce) based, light yet flavorful seafood broth featuring the umami taste of bonito. It tastes quite good and is neither fishy nor oily. Indeed, the medium-thin wheat noodles are firmer and chewier than many other instant noodles, and the twig-like Menma bamboo shoots have a nice crisp bite.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki Instant Ramen Ingredients

Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki Instant Ramen Nutrition Facts

Lastly, according to the ingredient list and nutrition facts on the side of the cup, the Myojo Mochi Mochi no Ki instant ramen has 352 kcal per one serving (92 grams) and contains 7.6 g salt equivalents, and its soup base consists of Shoyu (soy sauce), dextrin, lard, flavor oil, salt, bonito extract, Katsuobushi bonito powder, protein hydrolyzate, pork and chicken extract, sugars, flavoring, chicken oil, Niboshi dried sardine powder, Kombu seaweed extract, and spices.


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