I Tried Pringles Japan-Limited Mistery Flavor Potato Chips

Today, on the way home from a public Onsen bath facility, I stopped at a 7 Eleven to buy refreshments. After grabbing a chilled, bottled tea drink, I entered the snack aisle where a canned product with a bunch of question marks printed caught my eye. Reading the texts on the packaging, I found out that was a Japan-limited flavor of potato chips from Pringles. 

Pringles Mystery Flavor Potato Chips for Japan

Pringles Japan-Limited Mistery Flavor Potato Chips

Pringles Potato Chips Mystery Flavor

The flavor name of the Pringles is “Mystery Flavor (ミステリーフレーバー)”, which is why with the riddle “WHAT’S THE FLAVOUR?” a lot of question marks are printed on the surface of the can. According to the texts in the upper photo, this flavor was created for those living in Japan, in other words, this Pringles is Japan-limited as well as being a limited time offer.

I wanted to guess the riddle, so before checking the ingredient list, I tasted the snack. Although these potato chips look like plain, lightly salted potato chips, right after the first bite, a faint wasabi-like smell spread in my mouth, followed by a savory taste like a cross between the Sour Cream Onion Flavor of Pringles and chicken. So I felt the overall taste of the snack somewhat complex.


Pringles Japan-Limited Mystery Flavor Potato Chips Ingredients

Now, check the ingredient list and solve the riddle. According to that, the Pringles Japan-limited potato crisp mainly consists of Non-GMO potato flakes, vegetable oil, Non-GMO cornflour, wheat starch, and flavoring powder: (malt dextrin, salt, soy sauce powder, yeast extract powder, and onion powder). So my guess was half wrong? Either way, it seems wasabi and chicken aren’t used in the potato chips.


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