Royce’s Super Delicious Nama Chocolates from Hokkaido

Have you ever heard of “Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート) or Nama Choco? which is actually somewhat different from ordinary chocolates that can be seen in supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan.

Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート)

Royce Nama Chocolate Au Lait Mild Cacao White

Today, I will introduce Royce’s Nama Chocolate from Hokkaido, one of the most famous Nama Chocolates in Japan, but first of all, what is the difference between Nama Chocolate and other chocolates?

What is Nama Chocolate?

Nama Chocolate is a specific variety of chocolate whose chocolate dough is kneaded with dairy cream or Western liquors.

According to the article “生チョコレート” on Japanese Wikipedia, Nama Chocolate is defined as what contains over 10 percent of dairy cream, over 10 percent of moisture content, and over 40 percent of chocolate dough based on the total weight.

Royce Nama Chocolate from Hokkaido 

Royce Nama Chocolate

Royce is a Hokkaido-based confectionery company with its branch in New York that is especially well recognized for its Nama Chocolates. By the way, Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost prefecture.

Royce Nama Chocolate comes in a number of flavors including Matcha (green tea), and what I bought this time; Mild Cacao, White, and Au Lait.

Royce Nama Chocolate Au Lait

Of all the flavors, the Nama Chocolate “Au Lait” is the most popular and ranks No.1.

Made using Hokkaido’s fresh cream, it is a very soft, smooth, mild, milky chocolate that instantly melts in your mouth.

This was my first try of Royce Nama Chocolate, but the taste really lives up to its reputation, so delicious!

Royce Nama Chocolate White Flavor

Royce Nama Chocolate Mild Cacao Flavor Chocolate

Meanwhile, the “White” Nama Chocolate is literally a piece of white chocolate whose delightful creaminess instantly spreads across the tongue, but its sweetness doesn’t linger in the mouth.

The “Mild Cacao” Nama Chocolate is not bitter but rich in the flavor of cacao beans which I think both adults and children can like. By the way, I like the taste of the “Au Lait” the most.

Ingredients and Calories

Lastly, for those who want to know the specific ingredients and calories of these Nama Chocolates, here are the labels.

Royce Nama Chocolate Au Lait Ingredients and Calories

Royce Nama Chocolate White Ingredients and Calories

Royce Nama Chocolate Mild Cacao Flavor Chocolate Ingredients and Calories


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