Japanese Kit Kat Autumn Sweet Potato Flavor

Although winter is just around the corner here in Japan, yesterday, when I was shopping at a drugstore, I came across an autumn flavor of Japanese Kit Kat. 

There are 2 Kit Kat Japan-limited flavors that represent fall, that is, “Aki Imo (秋芋: meaning Autumn Potato)” and “Aki Guri (秋栗: Autumn Chestnut)” and what I encountered this time is the former.

Kit Kat Autumn Sweet Potato

Kit Kat Autumn Sweet Potato Flavor

Kit Kat Mini Autumn Sweet Potato Flavor Chocolate Bar

The flavor name of this Kit Kat Mini is Aki Imo, but the picture of the Satsuma Imo sweet potato on the package front is associated with Yakiimo.

Yaki Imo (焼き芋)” is a sweet potato snack often eaten during the autumn-winter season in Japan, roasted with foil in burning fallen leaves in the yard.


In fact, the flavor of this Kit Kat Mini chocolate reminds me of the taste of Yakiimo I used to eat as a kid.

With actual sweet potato powder contained, the whitish chocolate bar has a very Satsuma Imo flavor. It tasted unique but was quite good.


Kit Kat Autumn Sweet Potato Flavor Ingredients

According to the ingredient list, the Kit Kat Autumn Sweet Potato flavor chocolate bar consists of sugar, milk sugar, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, wheat flour, Satsuma Imo sweet potato powder, yeast, cocoa powder, cacao mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier, flavoring, baking soda, yeast food, and cape jasmine pigment.


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