Togarashi no Tane vs. Kaki no Tane Rice Crackers


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  1. Roy Makoto Lee says:

    Hi Tomo, I’m a half Japanese American that grew up eating kaki no tane along with other rice cracker snacks. Around 2015 I took my Japanese mother to an Asian market and found the togarashi no tane. I fell in love with them and ordered a whole case from the market. By the time I finished them and was ready to order more I was told they couldn’t get them anymore and I now understand why. Do you know if these are sold in the US and if so, where I can get them? Also, does Kameda sell the kaki no tane without peanuts? I had to switch to a different brand when the only kind I can get here now, is with peanuts. Thanks for any help. 🙂

    • Tomo says:

      Thank you for commenting!
      I have no info on where Togarashi no Tane (とうがらしの種) is available in the U.S. But the crackers are on sale on Amazon Japan, which can possible ship the item to you. Yes, Kameda sells Kaki no Tane without peanuts (ピーナッツなし), like this, and also carries that kind. Alternatively, I think you can buy Kameda Crisps without peanuts in the U.S. I hope this will help.

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