How to Make Dashi Ramen with Instant Noodles

This article is something like the continuation of the previous post because today I cooked salt-based instant ramen using stock made with store-bought dashi granules.

How to Make Dashi Ramen with Instant Noodles

In Japan, the soup stock “Dashi (出汁, だし)” comes in powder form and various varieties of products can be seen in supermarkets.

They usually come in sticks of single-serve quantity for easy preparation and the items pictured above are powdered Iriko (Niboshi) dashi and Katsuo (bonito) dashi containing no salt. 

If you want to make instant ramen with dashi stock, I recommend cooking the noodles in no-salt dashi because the soup base powder of the instant ramen already contains lots of salt.

Salt-Based Katsuo Dashi Ramen using Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen Instant Noodle

Just now, using the Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen instant noodle, I actually enjoyed the salt-based Katsuo dashi ramen. As I expected, the noodle soup was very flavorful and really delicious!

Aren’t you curious about the taste? For people who answer yes to this question, here I will share the cooking process with pictures.

By the way, all you need to prepare for this recipe are only water, a package of instant ramen (any flavor is okay, but my recommendation is soy sauce or salt), and your desired flavor of no-salt dashi powder.


Actually, the only different point from usual instant ramen cooking is that you first make a soup stock by adding your desired flavor dashi granules into a pot of water for your instant noodles.

After that, cook your noodles as usual, following the directions of the product!


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