Oyatsu Ramen: Instant Snack Noodles from Mitsubishi

The noodle soup available in many varieties and various flavors, ramen is a household staple in Japan. As you know, Japanese people like instant ramen, which even comes in snack form in Japan.

When it comes to Japanese ramen snacks, Baby Star Ramen and Butamen are especially popular products, but in addition to them, what I introduce here, “Oyatsu Ramen (おやつラーメン)” also has lots of fans. 

Oyatsu Ramen (おやつラーメン)

Oyatsu Ramen is a classic snack noodle produced and sold by Mitsubishi Foods, which, unlike Oyatsu Company’s Baby Star Ramen, is a kind of mini instant ramen cooked using boiling water.

Oyatsu Ramen is very much like Nissin Chicken Ramen because both the noodle blocks have a chicken flavor and can be cooked just by pouring boiling water.

Mitsubishi Oyatsu Ramen Instant Noodles

Oyatsu Ramen Instant Noodle Soup

Compared to Nissin Chicken Ramen, the dried noodle block of Mitsubishi Oyatsu Ramen is small and thus can be a perfect snack food when a little bit hungry. 

As you can see in the first and second pictures above, Mitsubishi Oyatsu Ramen is a kind of value pack containing 12 servings of individually packed noodles.

Cooking Directions

Mitsubishi Oyatsu Ramen Cooking Directions

On the back of the bag, there is a cooking directions label. As you can see from it, you can cook the mini instant noodle Oyatsu Ramen in 2 ways, by pouring 185 cc boiling water and letting the noodles steep for 3 minutes or by boiling in a pot with 215 cc water.

Nissin Chicken Ramen can be a substitute for Oyatsu Ramen

Oyatsu Ramen

Nissin Chicken Ramen

So Oyatsu Ramen is very close to Nissin Chicken Ramen, which can be a substitute for Oyatsu Ramen. Both have an umami-packed, delicious chicken flavor but Oyatsu Ramen is lighter in taste.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Mitsubishi Oyatsu Ramen Ingredients

Mitsubishi Oyatsu Ramen Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients and nutrition facts of Mitsubishi Foods Oyatsu Ramen.

Based on the lists, the noodle block of Oyatsu Ramen mainly consists of wheat flour, palm oil, lard, salt, soy sauce, meat extract, vegetable extract, sugar, fermented seasoning, and spices.

The Japanese instant snack noodle has 126 kcal per serving (28 grams) and contains 1.9 grams of salt equivalents (Noodles: 0.6 g/ Broth: 1.3 g).


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