Gummy Mozza: Mozzarella Gummi from Bourbon

Bourbon is a major Japanese confectionery maker whose head office is located in the city of Kashiwazaki, Niigata, the prefecture where I live, and has many long-selling products.

In recent years, the company introduced a gummy candy with an interesting texture called “Gummy Mozza (グミモッツァ)”, which can be seen sold in convenience stores, and I was curious about what the texture is like.

Bourbon Gummy Mozza

Bourbon Gummy Mozza Yogurt Flavor

Based on some online sources, Bourbon Gummy Mozza was first released in 2019, and the original flavor was grape. 

But the grape flavor was discontinued, and instead, this yogurt flavor (Price: 120 yen, or about 1.1 USD) came into the market.

Bourbon Gummy Mozza Mozzarella Cheese-like Gummi

The main feature of this gummi is the mozzarella cheese-like texture, so with the white color of the yogurt, Gummy Mozza has become just like mozzarella cheese.

In fact, if these chunks are served with fresh vegetables on a plate, people would think of them as real mozzarella cheese. But they have a delicious yogurt flavor!

As you can see in the video, Gummy Mozza is a soft, chewy, stretchy gummy candy.

While Morinaga Omochicchi Kinako Flavor is just like Kinako Mochi, the Bourbon Gummy Mozza Yogurt Flavor gummi perfectly captures the texture and appearance of mozzarella cheese.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Bourbon Gummy Mozza Yogurt Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, for those who want to know the ingredients and nutrition facts of the mozzarella gummi, here is the label. 

According to that, with 121 kcal per bag (40 grams), the Bourbon Gummy Mooza Yogurt Flavor gummy candy is made from sugar, isomerized sugar syrup, gelatin, starch syrup, glycerol, trehalose, gum arabic, mannitol, acidifier, flavoring, emulsifier, sweetener (sucralose), color (carotene), and calcium carbonate.


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