How to Enjoy Sashimi Konnyaku

Sashimi is a traditional Japanese dish usually consisting of thinly sliced fresh raw fish.

But it is also made from other ingredients, and one of the representatives is Sashimi Konnyaku (刺身こんにゃく).

Sashimi Konnyaku

Osashimi Konnyaku

Sashimi Konnyaku is a sashimi dish of Konnayku (こんにゃく/蒟蒻) made with konjac potato or devil’s tongue starch.

Since about 96 to 97 percent of the food consists of water, Konnyaku itself is very low-calorie.

Sashimi Konnyaku Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

In fact, the one I picked up today only has 9 kcal per bag (170 grams). 

Nonetheless, Konnyaku is a rich source of dietary fiber, favored as a diet food in Japan.

Sashimi Konnyaku

Even though Konnyaku is jiggly like jelly, the food has a firm, chewy texture. It usually has a grey color.

But the variety meant for sashimi typically takes on a green hue, which mainly comes from the Aonori (Aosa) seaweed powder contained in it.


While regular grey Konnyaku is ready to eat after boiled or cooked, we enjoy Sashimi Konnyaku after chilling and rinsing it with cold water.

How to Eat

Wasabi Shoyu and Su Miso

As with fish sashimi, we enjoy Sashimi Konnyaku with wasabi shoyu (soy sauce with wasabi). Another common eating way is dipping in su-miso (vinegared miso).

The green chunks also go well with fresh vegetables, sometimes served together on one plate.


How to Enjoy Sashimi Konnyaku

Only with a faint fragrance of Aonori, Sashimi Konnyaku is almost tasteless. Instead, the food is very fresh and perfect for the summer!


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