Momiji Oroshi: Grated Daikon Radish with Red Chili Pepper

“Momiji (もみじ)” is the Japanese word for the maple leaves that turned red in the autumn season, but do you know what “Momiji Oroshi (もみじおろし)” refers to? 

Momiji Oroshi (もみじおろし)

If you already know “Daikon Oroshi (大根おろし: grated daikon radish)”, picture one with a red color like Momiji in your mild. Yes, that’s Momiji Oroshi. But what does the red color come from? 

Momiji Oroshi

Actually, Momiji Oroshi is a traditional Japanese condiment consisting of daikon radish that’s been grated with Takanotsume pepper, and its red tint actually comes from the hot red chili pepper. 


Traditionally, Momiji Oroshi is made by grating peeled daikon radish with seeded Takanotsume pepper embedded in it, like this Japanese site demonstrates.

Grate Daikon Radish

But instead, by using Ichimi Togarashi (ground red chili pepper), you can effortlessly prepare Momiji Oroshi as listed below.

  1. Peel daikon radish and grate it 
  2. Lightly squeeze the grated radish to remove excess water
  3. Add your desired amount of Ichimi Togarashi and mix it with the grated radish
  4. That’s it! Ready to use


Grilled Saury (Sanma) with Momiji Oroshi

Momiji Oroshi is a refreshing, uniquely spicy condiment and goes well with almost anything from meat and fish dishes to tofu and natto.

Hiyayakko Cold Tofu with Momiji Oroshi

Natto with Momiji Oroshi

If you are interested, why not give it a try? The condiment will give what it touches a pleasant taste change.


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