Shiro Ebi: Toyama’s White Shrimp Senbei, Sushi, and More!

Toyama is a prefecture adjacent to Niigata, where I live.

Toyama has Toyama Bay, known for its deep water and variety of fish, and the prefecture prides itself on its delicious seafood dishes.

Especially, Buri (ブリ: yellowtail), Hotaru Ika (ホタルイカ: firefly squid), and Shiro Ebi (白えび: white shrimp) are famous nationwide.

Among them, Shiroebi, also known as Shira Ebi (シラエビ) or Hirata Ebi (ヒラタエビ), is only caught in Toyama Bay, called Toyama Wan no Houseki (富山湾の宝石: Jewel of Toyama Bay).

Its fishing season is from April to November.

Shiro Ebi Specialties of Toyama

Toyama White Shrimp Shiro Ebi

Shiro Ebi, whose scientific name is Pasiphaea japonica, is a small shrimp measuring just 5 to 8 cm long, living in the deep sea (150 to 300 m depth) like Sakura Ebi or sakura shrimp.

While the living shrimp is almost transparent with a subtle pink tint, its body becomes opalescent after death.

Toyama has many specialties using white shrimp, which include Shiro Ebi Senbei (しろえびせんべい), Shiro Ebi Sushi (白えび寿司), Shiro Ebi no Sashimi (白エビの刺身), and Shiro Ebi Kakiage (白エビかき揚げ).

Shiro Ebi Senbei (しろえびせんべい)

Shiroebi Senbei White Shrimp Rice Crackers

Shiro Ebi Senbei is a rice cracker made with white shrimp powder and a popular souvenir of Toyama. These treats are lightly salted and have an elegant flavor.

Shiro Ebi no Sashimi (白エビの刺身)

Shiro Ebi Sashimi

Shiro Ebi no Sashimi is a luxurious plate of white shrimp sashimi featuring a rich sweetness and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Shiro Ebi Sushi (白えび寿司)

Shiro Ebi Shrimp Gunkan Maki Sushi

Shiro Ebi Sushi tastes just as great as Shiro Ebi no Sashimi! This one is the Gunkan maki style or battleship sushi roll.

Shiro Ebi Kakiage (白エビかき揚げ) or Shiro Ebi Tempura (白エビ天ぷら)

Shiroebi Kakiage Don

Of course, Shiro Ebi comes in Kakiage and Tempura dishes too!

The Donburi, Shiro Ebi Kakiage-Don (白エビかき揚げ丼), is a regional specialty of Toyama, and the roadside station Come-On Park Shin-Minato (カモンパーク新湊) (Google Maps) in Imizu City is especially famous for the dish.

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