Kurozu Drink: Healthy Japanese Black Rice Vinegar Drink

Niigata, the prefecture where I live, has the third-largest number of Onsen regions in Japan, because of which, in my neighborhood too, there are several spas.

When I have a day off from work, I often go to one of the facilities, where there is a glass dispenser of a Kurozu drink I like. 

Kurozu Drink Dispenser

This type of beverage dispenser is available in many spa facilities, and it typically costs 100 yen to get a chilled drink from the machine.

Kurozu Drink (黒酢ドリンク)

Kurozu (黒酢) is Japanese black rice vinegar. It was developed as “vinegar to drink for health” and grabbed people’s hearts over time.

While regular rice vinegar uses polished rice, the main ingredient of Kurozu is brown rice.

Compared to other kinds, Kurozu takes a long time (the aging traditionally takes 1 to 3 years) to make.

During the process, the color turns blackish, and the taste becomes mellow.


Mizkan Junmai Kurozu

Kurozu vinegar contains plenty of essential amino acids and citric acid. Its primary health benefits are 

  1. lower blood pressure 
  2. prevent the rapid increase of blood sugar level
  3. reduce visceral fat
  4. get rid of fatigue

But overdosing can harm your health. Based on this article, the recommended consumption is 20-30 ml per day.


Kurozu Drink called Kurozu Juice

Let’s get the topic back on track. The spa facility’s Kurozu beverage tastes like just a watered-down variety.

If you want to make a drink by diluting Kurozu with water, the basic ratio is 1 (Kurozu):10 (water).

With Honey 

But as Kurozu pairs perfectly with Hachimitsu or honey (rich in minerals), my recommended version is the honey-mixed Kurozu drink.

The basic ratio of Kurozu vinegar to honey to water to make Hachimitsu Kurozu Drink is 1:1:10.

However, this popular recipe on cookpad.com uses 75 ml of Kurozu, 30 ml of honey, and 400 ml of water for two days’ consumption.

Hachimitsu Kurozu Drink

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