Yami Nabe: What kind of Hot Pot is it?

“Nabe ryori (鍋料理: hot pot dish)”, also called “nabe (鍋: pot)” or “nabemono (鍋物: pot thing)”, is a variety of Japanese hot pot dishes typically enjoyed during the winter.

There are numerous hot pots in Japan, including Yosenabe, Sukiyaki, and Oden, and they are a mishmash of ingredients cooked together in water or dashi broth.

Although the ingredients used vary depending on the region and the household, each nabe has regular things.

Yami Nabe (闇鍋)

Yami Nabe or Yaminabe

But there is an exception, and that is called “Yami Nabe (闇鍋: dark pot)”. The “Yami (闇)” or “dark” part comes from the following two rules. 

  1. The hot pot is cooked in darkness.
  2. Participants to the party are supposed to bring ingredients for the nabe and keep them a secret. 

Yes, this nabe is a kind of game done typically among close friends.

Whether the event becomes fun or terrible depends on the ingredients that each participant brings. But the foods prepared are often unusual things to nabemono.  

This hot pot actually has a long history, and its origin can be traced back to the Heian period (794-1185).

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 闇鍋 )


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