Nissin Cup Meshi Demi-Glace Instant Hayashi Rice

Hayashi rice (ハヤシライス) is a Japanese dish similar to curry rice, but its sauce is demi-glace based, combined with hashed beef.

There are various theories about the origin of the name, but the most common explanation is that Hayashi, in its name, is derived from the main ingredient, hashed beef.

The dish Hayashi rice is popular in Japan, and you can enjoy it at the world’s largest curry restaurant chain, CoCo Ichibanya. 

Nissin Cup Meshi Instant Hayashi Rice 

Nissin Cup Meshi Instant Hayashi Rice

Nowadays, Hayashi rice is available even in instant products, and one of the best is this from Nissin’s Cup Meshi (カップメシ) line. 

In Japan, Nissin offers various kinds of instant rice (like this and this), among which this Hayashi Meshi (ハヤシメシ) has been a favorite of many people since its release in 2017.


Nissin Cup Meshi Instant Hayashi Rice Contents

The contents consist of onions, bits of mock meat processed from soybean protein, dehydrated rice grains, and a Hayashi roux block.

And the cooking is as simple as that of Cup Noodles; First, pour boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside the cup. Then, close the lid, and wait for 5 minutes.

Nissin Cup Meshi Instant Demi-Glace Hayashi Rice

Lastly, by giving it all a good stir, the block of roux base completely dissolves and thickens the soup.


The demi-glace-based sauce is soupy compared to the actual Hayashi sauce, but the taste is quite satisfying despite being instantly made.

There are many worth-a-try Hayashi rice recipes online, but if you are a Nissin Cup Noodle fan, I think this product is just for you!

Nissin Cup Meshi Instant Hayashi Rice ingredients


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