Fujiya Home Pie: Japan’s No.1 Pie Pasty Cookies

When it comes to Japanese pie pasty cookies, Unagi Pie and Genji Pie are popular, but Japan’s best-selling product is this Home Pie (ホームパイ) from Fujiya (不二家).

Fujiya Home Pie

Fujiya Home Pie

Since its debut in 1968, Fujiya Home Pie has been a favorite of many Japanese, loved by all ages, and is available in most supermarkets.

Fujiya Home Pie Pasty Cookies

Based on the article ホームパイ on Japanese Wikipedia, these are a confection made from wheat-based dough applied with butter, folded into about 700 layers, cut, and baked.

Fujiya Home Pie Cookies

Besides, Fujiya even uses Mt. Fuji’s natural water for this snack to be particular about the details.

Fujiya Home Pie Pastry Cookies

Thanks to those, the finish is perfect with delightful crispiness and a rich, pure taste. Also, the cookie has the right degree of sweetness, and I think everyone can like it.

About Fujiya Lucky Home Pie

If you can find a cookie with the mascot character Peko Chan’s face branded on it, you are super lucky, as the probability is 1/1000!

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Fujiya Home Pie Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Ingredients in the Fujiya Home Pie
Wheat flour, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Butter, Leaven, Whole milk powder, Salt, Skim milk powder, Protein-enriched whey powder, Dairy products, Starch syrup, Emulsifier, Flavoring, Carotenoid pigment

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per pouch (2 pieces/10 grams)
Calories 55 kcal
Protein 0.7 g
Fat 3.1 g
Carbohydrates 6.1 g
Salt equivalents 0.024 g


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