Mizu Gummy: Water Gummies from UHA Mikakuto

Summer is just around the corner, and stores in Japan have started selling goodies related to the season. 

Such products you can see at the supermarkets include Suika Gummy and Kakigori Gummy

and last time I visited a Lawson convenience store, I came across a new addition from UHA Mikakuto named Mizu Gummy (水グミ).

UHA Mikakuto Mizu Gummy

UHA Mikakuto Mizu Gummy Water Gummies Kyoho Grape Flavor

I love UHA Mikakuto because they carry unique/rare products their competitors don’t. 

For example, the Mucchiri Gummy is a typical example of theirs not seen in others, and this Mizu Gummy, or water gummies, is also the case.

Water Gummy Candy

The Mizu Gummy candy, created based on the concept of water, is shaped like a dewdrop.

It has a water-like clarity and fruitiness, and its aftertaste is refreshing like water. 

Mizu Gummy Water Gummies from UHA Mikakuto

You can hardly imagine from the appearance, as in clear coffee, but these gummies have a Kyoho (巨峰) grape flavor.

The maker makes them like water using a clearing method called Super Clear Seiho (スーパークリアー製法), and the taste reminds me of a flavored water beverage.

Water Gummies From UHA Mikakuto

In other words, the flavor of these treats is modest, and the texture is not so chewy. 

If you like flavored water drinks, you will like this. But if not, this may not be for you, as it has almost no punch, like water!

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

UHA Mikakuto Mizu Gummy Water Gummies Kyoho Grape Flavor Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Reduced Starch Syrup, Reduced Maltose, Polydextrose, Starch Syrup, Reduced Maltose Starch Syrup, Gelatin, Konjac Powder, Starch, Concentrated Grape Juice, Acidifier, Flavoring, Brightener

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per Package (40 Grams)
Calories 79 kcal
Protein 1.7 g
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 27.9 g
Salt equivalents 0.01 g


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