CC Lemon: Suntory’s Iconic Citrus Soda Drink

When it comes to citrus fruit, Yuzu (ゆず/柚子) represents Japan. But as far as drinks/beverages go, lemon has universal popularity in my country.

Among others, Kirin Lemon (released in 1928) has a long history and is one of the most iconic, and Fujiya Lemon Squash and this CC Lemon drink are nearly close to it.

Suntory CC Lemon

Suntory CC Lemon

CC Lemon is a carbonated soda drink from Suntory Foods. It went on the market in 1994, grabbed customers’ attention fast, and has remained a favorite among them because of its delicious taste.

Suntory is deploying vending machines offering their soft drinks around the country. And this one is often among them and easy to find compared to Kirin Lemon and Fujiya Lemon Squash.

CC Lemon Soda

The CC Lemon soda contains plenty of vitamin C (34 lemons worth). Its themes are lemon and vitamin C, but according to the article C.C.レモン on Japanese Wikipedia, the sugar content is almost as high as cola drinks.

Nonetheless, this beverage has a well-balanced flavor between sweetness and acidity and is pleasantly refreshing with the right amount of fizz. One more good point is it uses pure water and is free from conservatives.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Suntory CC Lemon Drink Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Sugars (High fructose corn syrup, Sugar), Lemon juice (1%), Carbonic acid, Flavoring, Vitamin C, Acidifier, Safflower pigment, Calcium pantothenate, Vitamin B6, Carotene pigment

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per 100 ml
Calories 40 kcal
Protein 0 g
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 10.0 g
Salt equivalents 0.05 g
Vitamin B6 0.3 mg
Vitamin C 160 mg
Pantothenic acid 0.1 – 1.4 mg


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