Fujiya’s Classic Canned Lemon Squash Soda Drink

From the same vending machine where I got the Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice that I introduced the other day, this night I bought another classic canned soft drink also from Fujiya called “Fujiya Lemon Squash (不二家 レモンスカッシュ )” for 100 yen (about 1 USD).

Fujiya Lemon Squash Soda

Fujiya Lemon Squash

As you can see from the front part where the name of the product is, Fujiya Lemon Squash was first introduced in 1975 and this year 2020 is the 45th anniversary of the canned beverage. 

The classical black can design with white polka dots has hardly changed since I was small, but because of that, many Japanese can instantly recognize the canned drink from a first glance.

Fujiya Lemon Squash Soda

As the white polka dots on the can imply, it contains lemon squash soda with about 10 percent actual lemon juice, which has a refreshing lemon flavor with moderate acidity and sweetness that both children and adults can like.

As a matter of fact, Fujiya Lemon Squash is one of the most famous canned soft drinks in Japan and has long been loved by many Japanese.

Where to Buy

The canned beverage, Fujiya Lemon Squash can be seen sold in vending machines and supermarkets, though I can hardly find it in convenience stores.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Fujiya Lemon Squash Soda Ingredients

Fujiya Lemon Squash Soda Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those who are curious about the ingredients and nutrition facts, here they are. According to the lists, the Fujiya Lemon Squash soda consists of sugars (high fructose corn syrup, sugar), lemon juice, lemon pulp, carbonic acid, flavoring, vitamin C, and hesperidin. 

It has 140 kcal per one can (350 ml) and contains 400 mg vitamin C, 750 mg natural citric acid, and 2.5 mg lemon polyphenols.


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