Bekkoame: Ame Hard Candy, like Bekko or Tortoiseshell

The other day, I found a hard candy or Ame (飴) in a supermarket that we Japanese are familiar with but that I rarely see sold at stores.

Fujita Bekkoame Candy

The treat called Bekkoame (べっこう飴) is a staple of summer festivals in Japan, sold by Yatai street stalls, reminding many people of their childhood.

Bekko Ame (鼈甲飴)

Bekko Candy as Festival Treat

Bekko Ame is a simple hard candy made with sugar and water, looking like a Bekko (鼈甲) or tortoiseshell, which is why it is called Bekkoame.

In festivals, the Bekko candy often comes in flat shapes and various colors that can draw interest, and children like it. 


Bekkoame or Bekko Ame

Although this one consists of sugar, starch syrup, and honey, you can easily make Bekkoame at home only with sugar and water. 

The method is

Easy Bekkoame Recipe

  1. First, mix sugar and water in a heat-resistant container and microwave it.
  2. Then, pour the resulting sauce into molds and leave them for a while. That’s it!

For your reference, this popular recipe from uses 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tbsp water and heats the mixture for 2 minutes at 600 watts.

Bekko Ame Candy

Bekkoame is simple and tasty. The making is easy, and it will be fun to enjoy various shapes of Bekko Ame.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 鼈甲飴 )


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