Ajitsuke Kombu: Seasoned Kelp Seaweed Sheets for Rice

You may have tried Ajitsuke Nori before if you have stayed at Ryokan (旅館), as the Japanese hotel/inn typically serves it at breakfast with a warm bowl of white rice.

Ajitsuke Kombu Seaweed Sheets

But how about the kelp seaweed version, Ajitsuke Kombu (味付昆布: seasoned kelp)?

Ajitsuke Kombu (味付昆布)

Yamato Ajitsuke Kombu

I have never seen it served at Ryokan, but Ajitsuke Kombu is available in some supermarkets in Japan, alongside Ajitsuke Nori, and their usage is almost the same.

Ajitsuke Seasoned Kelp Sheets

The appearance of the dry kelp seaweed sheet is like a sheet of wood, and its texture is crisper than the Nori version, a bit reminiscent of Oshaburi Kombu.

Like Ajitsuke Nori, these kelp seaweed sheets are pre-seasoned mainly with soy sauce and sugar, and we commonly eat them with plain white rice and use them as a wrapper for Onigiri.

RIce Rolled with Ajitsuke Kombu

Texture-wise, Ajitsuke Kombu is pretty crisp compared to Ajitsuke Nori, but the more you chew, the more umami comes out and the tastier it becomes!

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Yamato Ajitsuke Kombu Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label


Kombu (from Hokkaido), Brewed vinegar, Katsuobushi bonito extract, Sugar, Soy sauce (including Soybean and Wheat), Protein hydrolysate, Mirin sweet cooking rice wine, Salt, Gelatin, Seasoning (including Amino acid), Spice extract, Sweetener (Acesulfame K)

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per 100 Grams
Calories  256 kcal
Protein 5.4 g
Fat 1.3 g
Carbohydrates 67.6 g
– Sugar 43.7 g
– Dietary fiber 23.9 g
Salt Equivalents 7.2 g


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