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Abunai vs Yabai 0

Abunai vs. Yabai: Meaning & Usage in Japanese

Abunai (危ない/あぶない) is a word that Japanese learners should memorize during the early stage of studying, meaning dangerous. But in everyday conversation, young Japanese generations often use Yabai (やばい) instead of Abunai to mean...

Japanese Juice vs. Cider 0

Juice vs. Cider: What’s the Difference in Japan?

What cider means differs by country, and in Japan, the word サイダー generally refers to sweet drinks containing carbonated water, citric acid, and fruit flavoring, as I wrote in this article. Hearing that, you...

Somen vs Soba noodles 0

Somen vs. Soba noodles: What is the Difference?

Somen (そうめん/素麺) and Soba (蕎麦) are noodles that represent Japan, and we commonly eat them, but it seems the former is less recognized than the latter overseas, and some people are wondering how the...