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Sencha vs Bancha vs Hojicha: Japanese Green Tea

When it comes to Japanese green tea, the most consumed in Japan is “Sencha (煎茶)”. Sencha generally uses first flush tea leaves from the same tree as the “Bancha (番茶)” grade.  On the other hand,...

Foreign Cars in Japan 0

Top 10 Best Selling Foreign Cars in Japan

Japanese people seem to generally like domestic automobiles, and the share of foreign cars in Japan is small.  Based on the statics of JAIA (Japan Automobile Importers Association), the number of newly registered imported...

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Yami Nabe: What kind of Hot Pot is it?

“Nabe ryori (鍋料理: hot pot dish)”, also called “nabe (鍋: pot)” or “nabemono (鍋物: pot thing)”, is a variety of Japanese hot pot dishes typically enjoyed during the winter. There are numerous hot pots...