Easy & Tasty Natto Tare Sauce Recipe

At breakfast, I often eat a bowl of rice with natto (fermented soybeans), so in the fridge of my house, there are always some natto packs stored.

Okame Natto

The Japanese natto pack usually comes with small packets of tare sauce and karashi mustard, but the amount of the accompanying sauce is little.

Natto Tare Sauce and Karashi

Today, I thought I wanted to make a bowl of natto rice soupy or “Tsuyudaku (汁だく)”, so I wanted some extra natto sauce.

Easy & Tasty Natto Tare Sauce Recipe

Doing some online research on how to make natto tare sauce, I found a very easy but reputable recipe, so based on its directions, I decided to make my own natto sauce. 

All I prepared for the recipe are soy sauce, mirin, water, and dashi granules. Following instructions, I actually made the natto tare sauce, so here let me share the process for you.


 First, combine one part mirin, two parts soy sauce, and three parts water in a small bowl

Then, add a pinch of dashi granules and transfer the bowl to the microwave oven.

Lastly, microwave the bowl at 500 watts for 20 seconds, give the sauce a stir, and it is ready to use.

Season natto with the prepared tare sauce and enjoy Tsuyudaku Natto Gohan (rice)!


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