My Trip to Lake Suwa in Nagano

Near the end of the year 2016, I went on a sightseeing trip with my friends to Lake Suwa situated in the city of Suwa in Nagano where we spent two nights and three days. On the first day, we stayed at a lakeside “Ryokan (旅館)” Japanese-style hotel.

Lake Suwa, or “Suwako (諏訪湖)” is a popular tourist destination of Suwa City in the central region of Nagano Prefecture. Do you remember the 1998 Winter Olympics was held in Nagano?

Speaking of Lake Suwa, the Suwako Fireworks Festival annually held in August is nationally famous, where about 40,000 fireworks are launched.

Stay at Ryokan near Lake Suwa 

By the way, have you ever stayed at a Ryokan? For people who have not spent time in the Japanese-style hotel yet, this time I will share my experiences during the stay at the Ryokan near Lake Suwa.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos I took during the stay.

1. After the arrival at the Japanese-style hotel, we quickly checked in.

2. During the check-in time, a chambermaid served each of us a small piece of “Wagashi (和菓子)” sweet with a hot bowl of Japanese green tea.

%ef%bc%933. After that, she led us to the room where we stayed.

4. At dinner, we enjoyed “Sukiyaki (すき焼き)”, a traditional Japanese beef hot pot. Its main ingredient was thinly sliced Shinshu Beef.

5. The rice dish served there was cooked with oysters in a pot and seasoned with soy sauce and dashi soup stock.

6. Using the leftovers of the oyster rice, the Ryokan made us Onigiri rice balls.

7. After dinner, we took the rooftop Onsen hot spring bath, overlooking the city of Suwa.

8. Our room was equipped with an open-air bath, from which we enjoyed again the beautiful night scenery of Suwako.

On the first night of this trip, we had a fun time in the Ryokan experiencing a lot of things.


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