Kyusu: How to Choose A Traditional Japanese Teapot

There are 3 important points for enjoying Japanese green tea, that is, the choice of green tea leaves, a good teapot, and the brewing method.

Tasty tea is made with a good teapot, so you shouldn’t just focus on tea leaves. A better teapot brings out the scent and taste of green tea better, even if it is made in the same way.

How to Choose a Kyusu Teapot

Japanese Kyusu Teapot

Therefore, today let me talk about how to choose a traditional Japanese teapot “Kyusu (急須)”. To get to the point, here are 3 important points when you choose it.

The lid fits the body perfectly

This point results in bringing out the scent, color, and flavor of green tea better without too much air in the teapot, because of the high degree of sealing.

Choose the size according to the use

If you make green tea for one person with a large teapot, the taste of the brewed tea might be weak or terrible. Therefore, it is better to choose the size of Kyusu according to the use. Here is a reference value for choosing the size.

100 ml to 200 ml For one or two servings
201 ml to 340 ml For two or three servings
341 ml to 480 ml For three or four servings

Choose considering the type of tea strainer

In Kyusu, there are 2 types of tea strainers, ceramic, and metal. Each has both strengths and weaknesses.

Ceramic Tea Strainer Metal Tea Strainer
This type is more prone to clogging but brings out the scent and taste of tea better without a metal smell. This type is easy to maintain because the strainer makes clogging harder to occur. But it could leave a metal taste or smell.
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