3 Types of Japanese Bath Additives that You Should Know

Most Japanese people soak in a bath almost every day at home to get rid of fatigue and stress. Accordingly, a large variety of bath additives are available at supermarkets and drugstores in Japan.

When it comes to the type, Japanese bath additives are roughly divided into 3 types, that is, inorganic bath salts, the one consisting of Onsen (hot spring) components, and organic bath additives with herbal medicines or plant-derived natural components.

3 Different Types of Japanese Bath Salts (Additives)

Japanese Bath Additive Types

If you are interested in Japanese bath salts and want to buy the product, it is better to know about the properties of each type. Therefore, today I will talk about it.

Inorganic Bath Salts

First off, inorganic bath salts are most commonly used in Japan. As a matter of fact, most of the bath salts available in Japan are this type.

This type of bath salts has a long history. It is said that the first product that was made up of inorganic bath salts was released in the early Showa period (Showa: 1926 to 1989).

The component of this type mainly consists of sodium sulfate and sodium hydrogen carbonate that doesn’t give damage to bath boilers. What is better, those components are also lowly irritative against the skin.

Since some products of this type contain calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, titanium (IV), or oxide, when you add the bath salts to a tub of hot water, its watercolor turns milky white. The water containing the bath salts gives you a pleasant, smooth feel.

Health Benefits

As for the health benefit of this type, first of all, you become warm from the inside of your body while you soak in the hot tub. What is more, the bathwater is effective in neuralgic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, bruise, cold sensitivity, and recovery from fatigue.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products
Skin Care Bath Salts Bath Roman with Natural Collagen Bath Salts “温素”
This product contains natural collagen essence which penetrates into dry skin and gives plenty of moisture. This product is popular with a good reputation on Amazon Japan. It contains alkaline components so that the bathwater softens and smoothens your skin and gives you a pleasant feel.
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Bath Additives with Onsen Components

The components of this type are extracted from actual Onsen water. Hence, some products of this type have the possibility of damaging bath boilers.

Health Benefits

The health benefit of this type of bath additives varies depending on the type of Onsen water.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products
Shirahama Onsen Yunohana Powder Natural Hot Spring Yunohama Powder
Yunohana (湯の花)” is the mineral deposit left by the hot spring Onsen. The water quality of this bath additive is sodium-sulfate hydrogen carbonate. This product contains 7 bags of Yunohana powder. Add one bag to a bathtub of hot water. This product doesn’t give damage to the bath boiler. This product consists of 100% natural Onsen Yunohana from the northern alps mountains in Japan. Add 1 tablespoon (15 to 20g) into a bathtub of hot water (approximately 180 to 200L). This is a standard Yunohana powder in Japan
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Organic Bath Additives with Herbal Medicines or Plant-derived Natural Components

The main components of this type are herbal medicines or plant-derived natural components, and the former type is characterized by pronounced smells of herbal medicines.

Thus, you will either like them or hate them. If you don’t mind the smell, you will love the bath additives because of the health benefits of herbal medicines.

On the other hand, the organic bath additive consisting of plant-derived natural components is gentle on the skin with a good fragrance. Hence, the hot water with the bath additive relaxes you as well as warming your body from the inside.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products
Medicinal Bath Salts “御嶽山” 100% Chamomile Extract Liquid Bath Additive
This product is made only from herbal medicines and contains 14 bags of medicinal bath additives. Add two bags to a tub of hot water at one time. The bathwater is effective in the stiff shoulder, neuralgic pain, backache, chilblain, hemorrhoid, cold sensitivity, heat rash, rheumatism, recovery from fatigue, rash, pimple, and so on. This liquid bath additive consists of 100% chamomile extract. Add 50ml to a bathtub of hot water (180 to 200L). The bathwater is effective in the stiff shoulder, neuralgic pain, backache, chilblain, hemorrhoid, cold sensitivity, heat rash, rheumatism, recovery from fatigue, rash, pimple, and so on.
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