Okinawa Soba: A Dish similar to Udon rather than Ramen

Soba (蕎麦)” is a traditional Japanese dish that has recently been becoming popular in many countries. 

As you may know, when we Japanese just say “I want to eat soba”, the soba usually refers to buckwheat noodles.

The buckwheat noodle soba is served hot in a soy sauce-based dashi-rich broth or eaten chilled dipping in Mentsuyu sauce. 

The noodle soup is now well-known, but have you ever heard that there is another soba originating from Okinawa Prefecture?

Okinawa Soba (沖縄そば)

Okinawa Soba

The soba is called “Okinawa Soba (沖縄そば)”.

It is a bowl of curly, thick wheat noodles served in a soy sauce-based umami-packed broth made with pork bones and Katsuobushi dried bonito flakes.

This Okinawan dish has a Wafu (Japanese) taste similar to Udon rather than Ramen.


Although Okinawa Soba is called “Soba (そば)”, the noodles are made from wheat flour, not buckwheat, mixed with salt and alkaline water called “Kansui (かん水)”.

So they are classified as Japanese-style Chinese noodles or “Chukamen (中華麺)”. But the noodles are thick and close in texture and taste to Udon rather than Ramen.


Typical toppings for Okinawa Soba are pork belly, Okinawa Kamaboko, and chopped green onions. Additionally, Beni Shoga red pickled ginger is often prepared as a garnish.


The Okinawan hot-spicy sauce “Koregusu (コーレーグス)” is an essential condiment for Okinawa Soba.

What Soba Refers to in Okinawa 

When people living in Okinawa say, “I want to eat soba”, the soba usually refers to Okinawa Soba.

Meanwhile, traditional Japanese buckwheat noodles are called “Nihon Soba (日本そば)” in Okinawa.

Soki Soba (ソーキそば)

Soki Soba

“Soki Soba (ソーキそば)” is a representative variety of Okinawa Soba.

As its name indicates, Soki Soba features its main topping “Soki (ソーキ)”, Okinawan-style stewed pork spare ribs.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 沖縄そば )


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