Easy & Authentic Ponzu Sauce Recipe

Featuring its refreshing sour taste, “Ponzu (ポン酢)” is a sauce that represents Japan made from soy sauce, mirin, and citrus fruit juice such as sudachi, yuzu, or bitter orange.

In fact, when side dishes such as cold tofu and fresh vegetable salad are served at home, I often eat them with Ponzu sauce.

Ponzu Sauce 

In recent years, Ponzu sauces with unique flavors have come out in Japan. As I am fond of new things, it is fun for me to try those newly released Ponzu sauces.

2 Types of Ponzu Products
Kikkoman Ponzu Sauce Yamasa Kombu Ponzu Jure
Amazon.com Amazon.co.jp

In 2011, the jelly-type Ponzu sauce “Kombu Ponzu Jure (昆布ぽん酢ジュレ)” was first introduced by Yamasa, and following that, other food makers entered the market.

And now, jellied Ponzu sauces are selling well in Japan.


Grilled Saucy

In terms of usage, we Japanese like to eat various things with Ponzu sauce.

Among others, the sauce is most commonly used to season dishes such as cold tofu, grilled saury, and fresh vegetables.

Yu-Dofu with Ponzu Sauce

Further, we sometimes enjoy Sashimi, Shabu Shabu, Jiaozi, or Yu-Dofu dipping in Ponzu sauce.

Also, some people like to create a new seasoning by combining Ponzu sauce with other seasonings like mayonnaise.


Actually, Ponzu sauce is relatively easy to make. As an example, with this recipe, you can effortlessly make an authentic Japanese-style Ponzu sauce.

Easy & Authentic Ponzu Sauce Recipe
Ingredient Quantity
Citrus fruit juice (Sudachi or Yuzu) 100 cc
Soy sauce 100 cc
Mirin 40-100 cc
Katsuobushi bonito flakes 5-10 grams
Dried Kombu seaweed (if any) A little
  1. Put the soy sauce, mirin, and citrus fruit juice in a bowl. The amount of mirin depends on your preference.
  2. Add the dried bonito flakes and Kombu seaweed to the bowl.
  3. If you make this Ponzu sauce in summer, put the bowl in the refrigerator.
  4. 24 hours later, strain the sauce; filter out the bonito flakes and Kombu seaweed
  5. Now it is ready to use. Enjoy the Ponzu sauce!
  • If you don’t like the alcohol contained in mirin, vaporize it by heating mirin before making the sauce.


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