All about Dorayaki Pancake (Doraemon’s Yummy Buns)

Have you ever read or watched the manga Doraemon? which I think is one of the most famous and successful Japanese manga series in the world. Even now, the Doraemon’s TV animation airs at 7 p.m every Friday in Japan, but do you know what Doraemon’s most favorite confection is?

Dorayaki (どら焼き): Doraemon’s Yummy Buns


It is “Dorayaki (どら焼き)”, the sweet treat that Doraemon loves most, which is known as “yummy buns” in the English version of Doraemon. Not only does Doraemon love it, but Dorayaki is actually one of the most popular Wagashi sweets in Japan.

Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese confection with a long history consisting of two small baked pancakes with sweet bean paste called “Anko (あんこ)” in between. The dough of Dorayaki is made from eggs, sugar, cake flour, and the addition of honey makes the pancake somewhat moist.

Chestnut Dorayaki

The author of Doraemon, Fujiko Fujio was born in the city of Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, where there is a custom of presenting Dorayaki during celebrations or when Buddhist memorial services are held, and this is probably the reason why the author chose Dorayaki cake as a Doraemon’s favorite confection.


It is said that Dorayaki was first made in the 12th century, and the origin of its name comes from the fact that the Wagashi sweet is similar in shape to a Japanese gong called “Dora (銅鑼)”.


Chestnut Dorayaki

Sweetened Azuki red bean paste is the most common filling for Dorayaki, but it is also available in a variety of fillings such as Anko with chestnuts or Mochi rice cakes. Also, in modern times, Dorayaki comes in 2 different variants, that is, Mushi Dorayaki, and Nama Dorayaki.

Mushi Dorayaki (蒸しどら焼き)

Mushi DorayakiImage:

The dough of “Mushi Dorayaki (蒸しどら焼き)” is made by steaming, not baking. It is a folded steamed sponge cake with sweet bean paste or custard cream in the middle. The sponge cake for Mushi Dorayaki is sometimes made using brown sugar or Matcha green tea powder.

Nama Dorayaki (生どら焼き)

Nama Dorayaki

Nama Dorayaki originated in the cake shop located in Miyagi Prefecture “Kato Maronie (カトーマロニエ)”. This Dorayaki variety is similar to waffles and generally consists of 2 small baked pancakes with a filling of whipped cream and sweet red bean paste.

In addition to whipped cream, custard cream, chocolate cream, cut fruits, or fruit jam may be used in Nama Dorayaki, and this Dorayaki type is sometimes sold refrigerated or frozen to preserve freshness.

Shop Information: Kato Maronie (カトーマロニエ)

Address: 6-4-3 Shirakashidai, Rifu-Cho, Miyagi-Gun, Miyagi Prefecture (MAP)
Open: 8:30 to 18:00
Open throughout the year

(Reference Page: Wikipedia どら焼き )


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