Bathclin Kikiyu: Bath Salts Effective for Each Symptom

“Bathclin (バスクリン)” is a leading Japanese company manufacturing a wide variety of bath salts. Its flagship bath salts brand has the same name as the company name “Bathclin” whose line-up has a large share in Japan.

The Bathclin series has an extensive lineup of bath additives with various properties and health benefits, out of which, today let me introduce one of my favorite products.

Bathclin Kikiyu

Bathclin Kikiyu bath saltsImage: 入浴剤ランキング情報局.com

The Bathclin’s bath additive I introduce here is “Kikiyu (きき湯)” which comes in several types of bath salts with different health benefits.

But each type uses carbonic acid bath salts in common, contains effective components derived from Onsen spring water.

In Japan, Bathclin Kikiyu is well spoken of and now has become one of the popular bath salts brands.


When you put the Kikiyu bath salts into a tub of warm water, the active components contained in them dissolve in the water quickly, and by taking the bath, you can have various benefits effective for each symptom of the body.

For example, the carbonated water brought by the bath salts dilates capillary blood vessels, improves metabolism, and helps recover from fatigue. Also, the bathwater has a nice fragrance and beautiful hue, which will make you relaxed.

Product Lineup 

As I mentioned above, in the Kikiyu series there are several types of bath salts, which have different properties and benefits. So according to the symptom you have, you can choose one suitable for you.

For those who have backache and stiff shoulders

Kikiyu Magnesium Carbonic Acid Bath Salts (Fragrance: Citrus)

For those who feel tired and have stiff shoulders

Kikiyu Calcium Carbonic Acid Bath Salts (Fragrance: Soda Pop) Kikiyu Potassium Mirabilite Carbonic Acid Bath Salts (Fragrance: Honey Lemon)
Especially for weariness Especially for stiff shoulders

For those who want to improve rough skin and rashes

Kikiyu Clay Sodium Bicarbonate Bath Salts (Fragrance: Hot Spring)


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