Kikkoman Hon Tsuyu vs. Mentsuyu: Japanese Soup Base


Hi, I'm Tomo, a Japanese blogger living in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. For the purpose of enriching your life, I would like to introduce things about Japan on this blog, especially unique Japanese products, cooking recipes, cultures, and facts and trivia.

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  1. Jay says:

    I love eating zarusoba. I use the Mizkan Hontsuyu as a soup base regularly. It says on the package to use 3 water:1 hontsuyu to make dipping sauce for zarusoba.

  2. Carol Burns says:

    I am just starting to learn how to make Japanese and Chinese and Thai foods as I love sushi and termpura etc. I have bought a wok- cookbooks for beginners and various Asian sauces from Amazon to get started such as sweet soy dark soy mirin Hon Tsuya and a couple of other ones plus the noodles

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