Amanatto : The Traditional Japanese Bean Confection like Raisin

“Natto (納豆)” is one of the most famous Japanese delicacies. It is a fermented soybean with a slimy consistency and unpleasant peculiar odor.

Because of this, many people don’t like or can’t eat the fermented soybeans, even if they were born and raised in Japan.

You may not like the fermented soybeans either, so for those I will introduce another Natto this time.

Amanatto (甘納豆)


Have you ever heard of “Amanatto (甘納豆)”? If you hear the food name for the first time, you might imagine that it is a food relating to Natto fermented soybeans.

Don’t worry, Amanatto is a food completely different from Natto. Actually, it is a traditional Japanese bean confection with a long history, over 150 years.


Amanatto is a simple confection. Basically, it is made by boiling down beans with sugar syrup, then coating the cooked beans with sugar and drying them.

Main Ingredients

Amanatto Beans

Various kinds of beans are used to make Amanatto. Typical ones include Azuki red beans, broad beans, kidney beans, peanuts, and soybeans.

Other than beans, chestnuts, lotus seeds, and round slices of sweet potato can be the main ingredient of Amanatto.

This is why the Japanese confection has a variety of colors, from black to beautiful ones.

Where to Buy

Amanatto is a sweet treat that has been widely enjoyed in Japan since a long time ago, so it is available in most supermarkets and convenience stores.


Ginza Suzuya, Assorted Amanatto

We like to eat Amanatto beans with green tea as an afternoon snack. Additionally, the sweet beans can also be used with other foods like raisin. Here are 2 representative examples of how to use the bean confection.

Amanatto and Bread (Cake)

Bread with Amanatto BeansImage :

Amanatto mostly has nearly the same size as raisin. Hence, some Japanese like making bread or cake using Amanatto, instead of raisin. In fact, the Japanese confection goes well with bread and cake.

Amanatto and Plain Yogurt

Plain Yogurt with Amanatto BeansImage :

Amanatto is pretty sweet and its main ingredient beans are healthy foods, so some people like to eat plain yogurt with the Japanese sweets, without using sugar.

(Reference page : Wikipedia 甘納豆 )


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