Bath Salts: AYURA Meditation Bath Helps You Fully Relax

Mindfulness Meditation has become a topic of conversation in many countries around the world in recent years. Whether you are into the mediation or not, don’t you want to relax as much as possible while taking a bath?

In that case, what is recommended is, after all, to take a bath practicing mindfulness. If you soak in a tub of hot water while practicing mindfulness, it is said that doing that has more than twice the effect of relaxing and promoting blood circulation than it is expected from normal bathing.

Additionally, one important point about that is you use bath salts that help you relax. Thus, today I will introduce the best Japanese bath salts for those who want to relax while bathing.

AYURA Meditation Bath

AYURA Meditation Bath Liquid Bath Salts

Image: 入浴剤ランキング情報局

Actually, in 2016, a Japanese bath additive called “AYURA Meditation Bath” won first place in the bath salts category of @cosme, the largest beauty-cosmetics portal site in Japan.

As its name suggests, AYURA Meditation Bath is a bath additive that helps you fully relax while bathing. In fact, this Japanese site says that doing meditation in a bathtub of hot water containing the liquid bath salts has more than 5 times the relaxing effect than you can expect from bathing using ordinary bath salts.

This is because the liquid bath salts AYURA Meditation Bath is especially characterized by its wonderfully fragrant scent.




Specifically, according to the official website of AYURA Meditation Bath, the liquid bath salt has the following features.

  • The fragrance derived from a blend of floral essences such as rosewood, rosemary, and chamomile makes you fully relax
  • Not only does the hot water containing the AYURA Meditation Bath salts give the skin plenty of moisture, but it is also excellent in retaining moisture.
  • The green-colored liquid essence turns milky white right after added to hot water

The Japanese bath salts, AYURA Meditation Bath is gentle on the skin and is safely usable for babies and atopic persons as well.

AYURA Meditation Bath, 300mL


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