How to Cook Instant Ramen (Udon) with Mochi Rice Cake

Mochi (餅) is a traditional Japanese food made from glutinous rice called Mochi-Gome (餅米) steamed and pounded. It is a plain white rice cake used in various Japanese sweets and winter dishes.

For instance, annually from autumn to spring in Japan, cups or bowls of instant noodles with a pack of Mochi rice cake are available in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Chikara Udon Instant Noodles

Instant ramen and udon noodles come with a Mochi pack. However, I have never seen instant buckwheat soba with a Mochi sold on the market.

The udon noodle soup topped with Mochi is generally called Chikara Udon (力うどん). And regarding instant Chikara Udon, Shiroi Chikara Mochi Udon (白い力もちうどん) from Maruchan is one of the most popular products.

Maruchan Shiroi Chikara Mochi Udon

The Maruchan’s Chikara Udon has a light soy sauce-based dashi-rich broth, and with this, you can simultaneously enjoy two quintessential Japanese comfort foods, Udon and Mochi.

How to Cook Instant Noodles with Mochi

Mochi Mochi Ramen Instant Cup Noodles

Now, I have on hand the Mochi Mochi Ramen (もちもちラーメン) instant noodle soup from Acecook.

Using that, this time, let me introduce a general way to cook instant noodles with Mochi. For people interested, the instructions are below with pictures.


1 ingredients of instant noodles First, peel back the paper lid about halfway and remove all the packets from the container.
2 Then, put the Mochi rice cake, dehydrated garnishes, and soup base powder into the bowl.
3 pour boiling water in the bowl of instant noodles Pour boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside.
4 Place liquid ingredient for soup on the bowl Place the liquid soup base packet on the lid and wait until about 4 to 5 minutes pass.
5 Then, remove the paper lid and add the liquid soup base to the bowl. Stir all the ingredients well, and enjoy the noodles with Mochi!

Getting instant Mochi Ramen and Chikara Udon noodles outside Japan may be difficult. 

However, if you can prepare a package or cup of instant ramen (udon) and a cake of Mochi (Kirimochi/pre-cut Mochi), you can easily make a bowl of Mochi Ramen/Chikara Udon.

First, bake the Mochi rice cake in the toaster oven until soft and swelled, then cook the instant ramen and add in the toasted Mochi.

By the way, I think Mochi goes best with light soy sauce-based flavorful broth.


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