Meiji Karl : Long-Selling Corn Puff Snack Available Only in West Japan

Recently, there was a sad news to me as well as many Okashi-lovers living in the eastern part of Japan.

Actually, a leading Japanese confectionery company, Meiji has decided to terminate the sales of its long-selling corn puff snack “Karl (カール)” for the eastern Japan.

This is because the sales of the snack remain sluggish due to good sales of potato snacks including potato chips.

Those living in the eastern Japan, including me, won’t be able to purchase the corn puff snack in their neighboring grocery stores after this September.

Meiji Karl : The Pioneer of Salty Snacks in Japan

Before Meiji Karl went on the market, sweet snacks were the mainstream in Japan. Meiji Karl was introduced into Japan’s market in 1968 and became a pioneer of salty snacks.

Currently, there are 5 flavors in the Karl series, but the manufacturer, Meiji has decided to continue the production of only the 2 flavors, cheese and lightly salted.

This is lucky for me because my most favorite flavor is cheese. In fact, I think the cheese flavor is the most popular flavor in the Karl series.

Meiji Karl Cheese

Meiji Karl CheeseMeiji Karl Cheese

Image :

Meiji Karl Cheese is a corn puff snack with a light crispy texture and is characterized by its mild yet rich cheese flavor.

I have loved the cheese snack since I was a kid. It is really rich in flavor and has an addicting taste.

It is a pity that I won’t be able to buy the snack in my neighborhood, but to my joy, Meiji Karl is still available on some online shopping sites.


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